The $26,000 Foundation Repair Nightmare

Damaged Foundation Repair in DFW

DALLAS FORT WORTH, TX – Apr. 2019 – Have you had the unfortunate experience of having to get your home’s foundation repaired twice? Kyle Gowdy, owner of Dallas Fort Worth’s Pier Pressure Foundation Repair, knows that scenario all too well.

“About 25% of the jobs we do are repair jobs that another company did in the past, some are repairs done fairly recently,” says Gowdy.

Gowdy has seen a lot of bad repair jobs and is the metroplex’s expert on how to get the foundation repair done right the first time.

“One of the keys to a long lasting and successful foundation repair job is the depth of the piers themselves. If the piers are not installed or pushed deep enough then your chance of another failure are higher,” says Gowdy.

He recently repaired a home (pictured below) that he described as “one of the most extensive repair jobs he has come across in the past 5 years.” It took 7 days to install the 42 exterior piers and 32 interior piers needed to fix the problem and cost the home owner a little over $26,000.

According to Gowdy, the unfortunate truth about this project is that

“Most of it could have been avoided if it was repaired correctly when the damage first appeared.”

Pier Pressure Foundation Repair is a family owned foundation repair company located in Carrollton TX, with more than 80 years of experience in the residential and commercial foundation repair and construction industry.

They service the entire Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, working with both residential and commercial properties, and are known for their proven 5 step method to lift and level foundations. They have a reputation for superior craftsmanship, affordable prices, and provide a lifetime transferrable warranty on all of their work.

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