Find the foundation repair services that you need for your home or business when you hire our foundation repair company. We perform thorough foundation inspections to determine the best course of action necessary to fix your sloping or cracked foundations.

At our company, we use independent engineers to ensure that all of our work meets the highest standards. This protects your best interests as well as our own. Because of this third party, you are guaranteed an unbiased engineer opinion.

Why Do Foundations Crack?

Improper drainage is one of the most frequent causes of cracked foundations. Too much water pools around the foundation, causing cracks to form due to soil erosion. French drains and downspout diverters can help reduce this problem.

Seasonal weather changes cause the expansive soil under your home to change as well. In wet and cool weather, soil expands and causes your foundation to heave. Hot weather dries out soil and makes your foundation settle.

Tree Roots Cracking Through Foundation

Large trees absorb approximately 40,000 gallons of water a month. Large trees and oversized shrubs can quickly diminish the amount of water in your soil. We don’t recommend cutting down trees, but you can add some drought tolerant shrubs around your home to reduce the risk of foundation failure. Root barriers are a great option for trees growing too close to the home.

Slab Leaks & Broken Pipes Under Foundation

Broken waste water pipes don’t pose a problem in modern homes with PVC pipes, but older homes with cast iron pipes often develop holes that leak water into the soil. Before we lift the foundation, we can perform a static water test to determine if this poses a threat. After we life the home, we perform this test again to validate the warranty and eliminate any further problems.

Foundation Repair and Remodeling Services

Along with repairing cracked foundations, we also perform interior repair and remodeling services. We can fix the cracks in the walls after we repair your foundation, and we can also perform full home remodels while we are there. Give your house the makeover you’ve wanted and turn it into a dream home with our help.

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