Pier Pressure Foundation Repair Process

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Hire our team of screened and approved foundation repair contractors in Dallas Fort Worth TX, when you need to level or lift the foundation of your home or commercial property. At our foundation repair company, we perform a wide range of services when you need someone to fix the problems with your slab.

Combining superior workmanship with affordable prices, the crew at our company has the skills and experience to fix your foundation. Repair experts from our company go through a proven five-step method to repair your foundation.

Foundation Inspection

Before we begin any leveling or repair work, the first step we perform is a thorough inspection and measurement of your foundation. We look for areas where the foundation is failing and discuss with you the best course of action to bring your building back to level. The second step involved using an independent engineer to evaluate the inspection report and verify the placement of the leveling piers.

Pier and Beam Foundation Design

After we have the engineer sign off on our proposition, we begin to install the piers. We dig 2’ x 2’ holes in predetermined spots around the perimeter of your building to install the piers. You can rest assured that we take special care to preserve any landscaping we need to remove to dig the holes in your property.

After we drive the piers in place, our lifting team gets to work. They lift the building foundation from the holes simultaneously. Our final step involves cleaning up. We refill all holes and replant any shrubs or plants we had to move. Finally, we distribute all extra dirt to various areas in your lawn.

Foundation Drainage & Grading Services

The reason your foundation failed may have been due to improper drainage or grading. If water flows toward your building and has no place to go, we can re-grade your property and install French drains. These simple solutions can redirect rain and waste water away from your foundation.

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