Dallas-Fort Worth Home Foundation Repair Contractors

DALLAS FORT WORTH, TXApr. 2019 – Did you know spring is the best time of year in North Texas to fix your home’s foundation?

According to foundation repair engineer Kyle Gowdy, owner of Pier Pressure Foundation Repair, spring is the perfect time to dig under your home and lift and level your home’s foundation. That’s when the soils in the metroplex are retaining the most water.

“Don’t wait for summer to come around” to get your foundation fixed, says Gowdy, “the problem might end up getting worse and costing more.”

That’s because the scorching Texas heat dries out the soil in the hot summer months which puts you at risk for further damage. If you take advantage of the soil’s wet condition and fix your foundation in the spring, you’ll save money on your repair.

If you’re not sure if your home needs a foundation repair, according to Gowdy, “some of the signs of foundation repair problems are sticky doors or cracks in the walls or brick….If this is happening to your home, then it will most likely get worse as the temperature rises.”

"What you will see is that the cracks will become even larger this summer and the problems will be worse.”

If you’re not sure how serious your foundation repair issue is, Pier Pressure Foundation Repair provides free honest evaluations, complete with a foundation inspection report.

Pier Pressure Foundation Repair is a family owned foundation repair company located in Carrollton TX, with more than 80 years of experience in the residential and commercial foundation repair and construction industry.

They service the entire Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, working with both residential and commercial properties, and are known for their proven 5 step method to lift and level foundations. They have a reputation for superior craftsmanship, affordable prices, and provide a lifetime transferrable warranty on all of their work.

For more information, or to request a foundation inspection, click here to contact Pier Pressure Foundation Repair.